The Angel investor executive summary is important for both the entrepreneur and investor to realize what the highlights are of the proposed business venture. The executive summary should include 5 paragraphs: about the company, the problem and solution, the market, the competition, and financial highlights. See below for more details on how to write each section of your Angel investor executive summary.


About the Company

This section should include details about the company including the business name, its’ members, location, and other similar details.


The Problem and Solution

This section should include details on the problem that is present among a certain audience and the solution that is presented by the company.


The Market

This section should include details on the market that the company is going after, including specific details on the size and growth of the target market.


The Competition

This section should include details on what other competition is currently present that seeks to solve the same problem and how the company outweighs current competition.


Financial Highlights

This section should include financial highlights, including a budget with expenses listed and a return on investment over time.


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