Your Angel investor package and pitch is the most vital part of presenting to an investor. This package and pitch includes all of the key details that are required by an investor to consider funding your business from start-up to enterprise. See below for an outline of how an Angel investor package and pitch should look:


  1. Executive Summary
  2. Company Overview
  3. Industry Analysis
    • Market Overview
    • Relevant Market Size
  4. Customer Analysis
    • Target Customers
    • Customer Needs
  5. Competitive Analysis
    • Direct Competitors
    • Indirect Competitors
    • Competitive Advantages
  6. Marketing Plan
    • Products and Services
    • Pricing
    • Promotions Plan
    • Distribution Plan
  7. Operations Plan
    • Key Operational Processes
    • Milestones
  8. Management Team
    • Management Team Members
    • Managements Team Gaps
    • Board Members
  9. Financial Plan
    • Revenue Model
    • Financial Highlights
    • Funding Requirements/Use of Funds
    • Exit Strategy
  10. Appendix
    • Supporting Documentation


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