There are several ways to obtain angel investor funding and choosing the right source of funding can be vital to the growth of your business in the future. Activation Investments looks to supply entrepreneurs with capital through angel investors and venture capital.


Method 1: Use Your Own Money

This can be very helpful in the experimental stage; however, usage of this capital has to be analyzed carefully or an individual can bankrupt quickly.


Method 2: Friends and Family

If you don’t have the capital, another easy way of obtaining funding is through friends in family; however, most of the time these people are investing in your success and not necessarily the development of your business venture.


Method 3: Crowdfunding

This method allows for a large group of investors with smaller amounts of capital to give money towards your idea. Although this method is available to meet your capital needs, a lot of times a large group of investors won’t give as much needed time to your idea as their financial return is not as large.


Method 4: Bank Loan

If you are able to obtain a bank loan given your current financial status, this can be another way to gain capital if you feel comfortable that you can meet payment deadlines; however, if you don’t meet bank requirements, this method can cause a lot of headache and loss in the future.


Method 5: Angel Investors and Venture Capital (Best Method)

Angel investors, like Activation Investments, can provide venture capital funding. Along with the large amount of capital available to fund your business, there is a lot of knowledge that comes from the experience of the investors. This is the best method to grow and develop your business because the investors have gone through the start-up stages that you are experiencing. The investors also have the ability to focus on your idea and give it the time that it deserves.


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