Securing investors for your angel technology project is one of the quickest, barrier-free ways to get the funding you need to launch your concept successfully. You will not have to jump through the hoops of a bank or put up large amounts of existing collateral to get the necessary funding. What’s more, when you work with an angel technology investor, you will not be saddling your company with a large amount of debt.

You may be asking—but what’s the catch? Although you’ll be sharing equity in your concept, working with angel investors with a background in business and technology can bring more expertise to your company, improving the odds of success. This is why it’s important to seek out angel investors who possess specific interest and experience in technology.

What Investments Does An Angel Technology Investor Favor?

The name “angel investor” shouldn’t be taken too literally. While angel investors are a terrific way to create funding, it’s not a free gift from heaven bestowed on just any project or business. You not only need to have a powerful concept in hand, but you also need to have the expertise and motivation to carry it through.

Here are the common traits angel technology investors favor:

  • Concept should scalable and have a large potential upside: Angel investors look for projects that are relatively simple to grow and have huge potential. It must have the ability to bring an exceptional return on investment for it to be worth the investor’s time and money.
  • Idea needs a strong proof of concept: Angel investors are business people. While they may be intrigued with an idea, they are more likely to invest if that idea has a least a small proven customer, subscription, or user base. Don’t expect an angel investor to fund your proof of concept.
  • Concept should be easy-to-understand: Although your idea may be technology-based, its purpose should be simple and clear. Technology that is difficult to explain will be challenging to market. Angel investors prefer projects that are easily understood and sold.
  • Concept should have proprietary elements: Your technology should be unique in one or more ways that are not easily cloned. A brilliant idea is truly brilliant when only you hold the keys. If anyone can do it, they likely will, especially when you show signs of success.

If your technological concept is easy-to-grow, is proven at least on some level, is easy-to-understand, and has proprietary elements, you are off to a solid start in your quest to attract angel investors who are interested in the technology sector.

How Can Activation Investments Help with Your Technology?

At Activation Investments, we are laser focused on specific areas of investments, including technology. We are particularly interested in backing companies that display a passion for their concepts and possess the work ethic and creativity to see it through.

We typically accept an equity share in your company in return for our investment. Once we have determined your concept is a good match for our investors, we will commit our experience and expertise along with the financial resources to ensure your success.

If you have an unwavering passion for your company and concept and are in search of an angel technology investor, contact Activation Investments today at (678) 523-8759. Let’s discuss how we can grow together.