Did you know now is a prime time for both an angel healthcare investor and the healthcare-related startup? Perhaps never before have there been more opportunities for players on both sides of the field. However, the marketplace is very competitive with powerful players already firmly entrenched in the sector. Even companies with brilliant ideas can sometimes get dwarfed by their well-funded, well-established competitors. This has some angel investors a bit leery about investing in this area. But there may still be room for you! For healthcare start-ups, angel healthcare funding is far from impossible if you understand what you need to do to secure it.

How to Secure An Angel Healthcare Investor

There are several ways you can improve your chances of funding your healthcare-related company through an angel healthcare investor. Some may surprise you! Here are some important tips to keep in mind as you court the right investors:

  • More is not always better.
    Angel investors can quickly get turned off if a start-up already has a convoluted array of partners who have “a piece of the pie.” Companies already entrenched in splits with other partners, family members, friends, and perhaps even previous investors lose some appeal to most angel investors. For best results, minimize the number of partners you have.
  • Target angel investors with experience in healthcare investing.
    The right angel investors provide more than just funding; they offer expertise and guidance in a complex and highly-regulated field. You may feel “money is money,” but experience can add value to your company and increase the opportunity for success.
  • Create a sparkling executive summary.
    Angel investors in this field are keenly aware of how powerful the leadership role in your company plays. Make sure your executive summary demonstrates the strengths you and your team possess.
  • Know your strengths and manage your weaknesses.
    How well do you understand your industry and potential customers? Who are your direct and indirect competitors? What are your advantages? Do you have a well-conceived marketing strategy? Do you have a strong financial plan and logical projections? Have you considered an exit strategy for you and your investors? Make plans to shore up areas of weakness.
  • Be logical and set appropriate expectations.
    You will not get rich from your angel investors. You can, however, build an extremely successful company with the funding they provide. These are potential partners that will help you take your business into the future. You will not be successful securing angel investors by manipulation, fast-talk, or exaggeration. Be smart and properly prepared.

Your Angel Investors in the Medical and Healthcare Sector

Activation Investments is an angel investor firm that specializes in specific areas, including the healthcare arena. As an angel healthcare investor, we understand what it takes to be successful in this market. We add more to your company than just sufficient funding. Our team of professionals is here to help fill in the gaps of knowledge your team may not possess. We can help provide valuable assistance when and where needed. If you have a concept or company in the healthcare sector in need of funding, don’t wait; contact Activation Investments at 678- 523-8759 today.